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Qualified midwife and registered nursing sister, Heather Carroll, has joined forces with Paediatrician, Dr Sarah Batchelor, to offer superior post natal support & advice in a nurturing environment at their premises in Parktown North, Johannesburg. For well baby clinic appointments with Heather, or to see Sarah for routine checks or if your baby is sick, you can book online!

Heather is able to provide feeding and breastfeeding advice, emotional support, baby & child immunisation, evidence based infant nutritional advice, growth and developmental assessments and toddler advice.

Heather delivers a regular blog update that includes advice on pregnancy, baby nutrition, baby care, toddler advice and much more so be sure to check out our Babyworks Blog.


I just wanted to say thanks again for such a great weekend. We both learned so much and hubby enjoyed it too. For someone who doesn’t have a mother to help, it has put my mind at ease a lot. I feel a lot more prepared and confident going into this with our first baby. Your knowledge and the way you explained things to us was amazing and so helpful. Really appreciated it and thanks again! You are awesome!!

Nicole and Mauro MarsalaAntenatal Class 2015

Heather’s antenatal weekend course was both comprehensive and informative. Heather has a wealth of knowledge and is able to impart this in a relaxed environment. She also allays fears as she moves through the topics. We thoroughly enjoyed the course and found the weekend to be very informative and helpful. We also thought the course was very well priced and was extremely good value for money.

Elizabeth and Allan DickinsonAntenatal Class 2015

Dear Heather, We just wanted to say a huge thank you for an amazing informative weekend. Brandon & myself really enjoyed it and we are now equipped with very valuable information and feel more ready for the arrival of our bundle of joy! With much love Lauren And Brandon

Lauren and Brandon ManzoAntenatal Class July 2015

A HUGE thank you to you and your mom for your support. I am so grateful to both of you for being so accommodating. I’m not sure if your mom told you but my baby has a urinary tract infection and the paed was even considering hospitalising her last night. If it wasn’t for you and Heather I would never have seen Heather’s paed of choice and my child could have been seriously ill if left untreated. Also thank you for lending an ear to a highly sleep deprived, hormonal and worried mom.

Tracy Stewart

Heather is amazing! Her compassion and commitment is out of this world. She goes out of her way daily to assist. We need more Heathers in the world. Almost like having a second mom. I don’t know how I would have managed without the support of babyworks after the birth of my child.

Jenny Pitout

Such amazing service received from Heather. Once you have visited her you really don’t want to take your kids to any other clinic.

Tshiamo Molanda

Cannot recommend Heather enough. She is phenomenal. Like a second mom!

Kerry Bok

I thoroughly enjoyed your wonderful, insightful classes. Thank you so much.

Andile MwasiAntenatal Class January 2015

May I also take this opportunity to thank you for EVERYTHING you have done for my children and their babies. You are absolutely amazing at what you do. In fact, you are THE BEST at what you do! You have been an incredible support, a tower of strength and your advice is invaluable. We are so lucky to have come in contact with you again, and my children and grandchildren could not have had anyone better to guide them through these very difficult and trying months. You have touched all our lives in such a special way and we are richer for it. Also, the convenience of coming to your beautiful home has made our baby experience really pleasurable.  Thank you for your total commitment and dedication, and for the extra special attention we all received. We are truly blessed.

Margaret Argyle

I would highly recommend Heather Carroll’s baby clinic. My husband and I attended antenatal classes with Heather which were extremely informative. We enjoyed Heather’s kind and caring manner so much that we brought our baby Sienna to the clinic when she was born. Sienna had a difficult start and did not gain weight for the first few weeks due to lactose intolerance. Heather was an amazing support, assisting me with my numerous questions and showing real concern for my baby. Heather’s baby clinic offers everything from feeding advice, baby weighing, vaccinations and the genuine caring support and advice that a new mom needs. Thanks for everything Heather!

Tarryn Seagram

I completely agree with the comments about Heather. My daughter Aqhame is now 8 months and is doing very well. Heather calles her her textbook baby;-) We attended Heather’s antenatal classes and my husband found them very informative and eye opening. My baby has been in great hands at baby works since she was born. Heather has a very motherly way of handling both babies and parents. She genuinely cares and has a wealth of experience, its so easy to trust her guidance and advice!!

Nolitha Matsolo

Thank you for fitting us in, and we thought the gift bags were a special touch. The food was delicious! The practical class on Sunday was most enjoyable, and hugely informative. Your passion in this field is obvious, and you’ve made us feel prepared and excited.Thank you Heather!

Keri and Tyrone ThompsonAntenatal class November 2015

We found the information given to be relevant and helpful. Your course was well balanced course, comprehensive and informative. Thank you for a really wonderful weekend.

Alison and MarkAntenatal class November 2015

Erin & I thoroughly enjoyed being at the course. We both found it extremely helpful and informative. All the topics covered were relevant and important. We both leave here feeling a lot more confident. A very big thank you Heather!

Erin & Gareth KuminAntenatal Class December 2015

Thank you Heather for a really lovely weekend. Content was wonderful, informative, relevant and well-balanced. We greatly appreciate all your efforts, and have thoroughly enjoyed the new knowledge gained!

Jess & Adrian AlbrechtAntenatal Class December 2015


Thanks so much to Jean, proud mom of 2 week old Hannah Lindsay, for bringing her precious girl to our antenatal class so that the parents-to-be, could see how a tiny baby behaves in real life! Hannah's behaviour was exemplary, and the class unanimously said it was the highlight of our weekend. ...

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